Stapelia gigantea

My love for tropicals started more than a decade ago when I was delighted by the sight of the bizarre shapes of "Euphorbia lactea cristata" (Elkhorn Cactus). Shortly afterwards I fell in love with "Cereus monstrosus," which I selected for its unusual shape. A few more succulents followed and I was hooked.

Several years later, I discovered bromeliads and the sub-family Pitcairnioideae which includes Dyckias and Hechtias among others. They all have a close resemblance to the succulents. And just recently I became fascinated with the eccentric growth pattern of the Rhipsalis.

In the last few years I have become totally obsessed with conifers.
Visit: ARBORETUM DE CONCORD- A Conifer Wildlife Habitat located in Michigan, USA and 
certified by the National Wildlife Federation.l
A VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL CONIFER SOCIETY - Prestigious Groups for Conifer Connoisseurs


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One of the best-kept secrets among Succulent Enthusiasts
is the existence of Succulent Bromeliads.

Schlumbergera_Buckleyi.jpg (39387 bytes)

Epiphyllum_Fantasia.jpg (28209 bytes)

Schlumbergera_Gina.jpg (45567 bytes)

Schlumbergera 'Buckleyi'


Epiphyllum 'Fantasia'

Schlumbergera 'Gina'

Hoya_carnosa.jpg (55586 bytes)

Sansevieria_trifasciata.jpg (34635 bytes)

 Hoya carnosa



Sansevieria trifasciata

Euphorbia_lactea_cristata.jpg (47797 bytes)

Peanut.cactus.jpg (51110 bytes)

Crassula_lycopodioides.jpg (38016 bytes)

Euphorbia lactea cristata

Peanut Cactus


Crassula lycopodioides

Rhipsalis_ceriodes.jpg (61571 bytes)

Rhipsalis.jpg (58213 bytes)

Rhipsalis_cereuscula.jpg (53251 bytes)

Rhipsalis ceriodes












The environmental requirement for each species depends upon their native habitat. Before you buy plants, try to research the cultural conditions and how to provide them. Select plants that will grow in the environment you can supply. For more cultural information, growing tips and solving problems, I recommend to contact your local Succulent and Cacti Society.









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